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   Tranquility is a LOTRO kinship on the Eldar (EU) Server. It was formed on June 17th 2010 by a group of friends who could never find a kinship that suited them. As the name suggests, Tranquility is a very peaceful, laid back kinship that aims to appreciate the finer aspects of Middle Earth. We very much enjoy taking advantage of the game's fluff content to enhance our gaming experience.

As our member base increases in size we hope to venture into the various instances that the game has to offer. However, unlike the majority of other kinships we would like to make raiding enjoyable for all rather than focussing solely on the loot. The end result is of course important to us but our main objective is fun.

We accept members of all classes, races, shapes, sizes, beard lengths and levels. All that we ask is that you abide by our small set of rules (detailed in the 'Kinship Rules' tab above) which we think you'll agree are fairly reasonable. 

See you in Middle Earth, adventurer!


Guild News

Kin Lottery

Halrick_Eldar, Aug 9, 10 8:47 AM.

------>WIN GOLD<------
Visit the forum for details

New Kinship Banker

Halrick_Eldar, Jul 15, 10 11:16 AM.

New Kinship Banker

In these tough economic times Bankers are faced with mean looks and clenched fists, but I'm hoping this won't be the case with our new kinship Banker, Patrick! Patrick is now in charge of all the kinship's finances. He'll be looking after any donations that you make towards the kin's bank (click the 'Bank' tab above to see what we have - nothing at the moment ) and updating our page accordingly.

It's not essential for you to donate money towards the kinship bank, but we can make use of anything you can spare. Pretty soon we'll be purchasing a Kinship House in the Breeland Homesteads and there's quite a hefty upkeep that needs to be paid weekly. Whether or not you donate any money is completely up to you  

So, if you'd like to donate any money towards our bank send it via the in-game mail system to Patrick with "Kinship Bank" in the subject box.

Let the instances commence!

Halrick_Eldar, Jul 14, 10 9:25 AM.


The time has finally come for us to take our first shot at some of the old end-game raids. I think we might just be able to succeed in a couple of the Annuminas instances as long as we're careful and we all know exactly what to do. I've found some pretty straightforward guides for the instances that I have in mind; Ost Elendil and Glinghant. There is a third named Haudh Valandil but that's a pretty long and difficult instance to tackle. But fear not! We'll get to that soon enough.

The bosses in these instances drop a barter item which, along with 25 battered arnorian armour pieces (also dropped in the instances), can be exchanged for 1 piece of the Annuminas armour sets seen here. On their own the armour pieces aren't much but the set bonuses are what really matter. The bosses also drop a variety of decent purple and teal items at random.

So, read over the guides for Ost Elendil and Glinghant until you can recite them in your sleep. I'll shedule our attempt for sometime next week so that everyone has time to read up on what has to be done. This also means that everyone has a chance to level up a few times and get some new skills that'll be really beneficial to us.

These instances are for players who are level 45+. Don't worry if you haven't reached this level yet - we'll still be doing plenty of instances that you can take part in!

New Ventrilo Server Added

Halrick_Eldar, Jul 8, 10 3:27 PM.


I've rented us a Ventrilo server so that we can chat about whatever comes to mind. Visit the Ventrilo tab above for information about how to connect.

You don't have to have a mic.  Just connect and listen in. This is essential for things like Ettens runs and instances.

Docgar has been promoted!

Halrick_Eldar, Jul 5, 10 7:51 PM.

I am pleased to announce that Docgar has been promoted to Officer status. As an active player he is a very beneficial addition to the Officer team (and Aeg and myself have less work to do ) who I hope you will welcome with open arms. Docgar has only been playing the game for a few weeks but is proving to be an excellent player.

Welcome to the team, matey! Have a cookie:


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Kin Lottery
Aug 9, 10 8:47 AM
New Kinship Banker
Jul 15, 10 11:16 AM
Let the instances commence!
Jul 14, 10 9:25 AM
New Ventrilo Server Added
Jul 8, 10 3:27 PM
Docgar has been promoted!
Jul 5, 10 7:51 PM
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